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  • August 10-16th National Give Your Dog a Bone Week!!
    August 10-16 is National Give Your Dog a Bone Week!  It's always nice to give you pet treats, just be sure that they are VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approved. Read more
  • Laser Therapy for Drug-Free Pain Relief!
    WHAT IS LASER THERAPY? Laser therapy is a noninvasive treatment designed to reduce pain and inflammation, and to speed healing. This treatment is quickly becoming standard of care in both Read more
  • Credelio and Interceptor Plus 360 protection
    If you dog isn't taking year-round parasite preventatives, now is the time to start them again. Credelio and Interceptor Plus offer "360 Protection" for your dog against FLEAS, TICKS, HEARTWORM as Read more
  • February is National Pet Dental Health Month
    FEBRUARY IS PET DENTAL HEALTH MONTH!Dental care for our pets is as important as it is for us to stay healthy. Dental care is often overlooked for our pets until Read more
  • GDV (Bloat)
    "Roenik" came in on emergency late one evening when his very attentive family realized he was extremely ill.  He had rapid breathing and vomiting along with a very tense abdomen. Read more