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Just a small sampling of the hundreds of happy "TAILS" at NCVC ! ! ! 

Roenik Rohaley


Roenik was brought in on emergency late one evening when his family realized that he had become very ill.  He was breathing heavily, and retching, had a very tense abdomen, along with vomiting.  Upon his arrival at NCVC, he was noted to be in extreme distress.  Dr. Ludwig ran some bloodwork and performed in house radiographs.  The results showed that he had a "GDV" (otherwise known as Bloat).  After first trying more conservative measures to correct this including sedation and passing a gastric tube which was unsuccessful, Roenik was taken to surgery.  Being 11 years old, the surgery was risky, but he came through with flying colors!  Dr. Ludwig was able to correct the torsion of his stomach and he happily went home the very next day!  We are so excited that he is feeling better and home with his loving family!


Bailey's with puppy

Bailey's puppies

"Baileys" came in due to stalled labor after delivering only one puppy at home.  She had previously had puppies without any difficulties, so her owners knew she needed help immediately to save Bailey's and her puppies.  We made her comfortable surrounded by the veterinary team, including Dr. Ludwig and her owner in our quiet, sunlit BIRTHING SUITE positioned away from noise and distractions.  We set up for a cesarean section in case surgical intervention was necessary.  After some time and administration of Oxytocin to promote her contractions, Bailey's was able to have 5 beautiful little female puppies.  Happy Valentine's Day to                                                                                                                                                                                                         "Baileys" and her new family!!

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