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Just a small sampling of the hundreds of happy "TAILS" at NCVC ! ! ! 

Tucker's Story

Little "Tucker's" puppy curiosity caused a visit on emergency to NCVC recently after he picked up and swallowed a bottle cap!  After unsuccessful attempts to help him pass it on his own, it was off to SURGERY he would go!  Being only 12 weeks old brought some special challenges for this little guy, but the NCVC team made sure he was safe during the procedure.  We are excited to say that he has made a full recovery and is doing all things puppies do!


"Ginger" came to us with a sore on her front paw which was made worse by incessant licking of the area. This caused hair loss, thickening of the skin and pain to the area. Dr. Ludwig diagnosed her with a "LICK GRANULOMA". She was treated with a course of antibiotics along with LASER THERAPY, which was given for 6 sessions. We could gradually see the area improving, and by the last session she had almost complete hair regrowth! She is no longer painful or licking the area!

"Champ" came to us extremely ill with bruising on his body and bleeding from his nose. He was very weak and lethargic. After running in clinic BLOOD TESTING, he was found to have an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE that was attacking his red blood cells! He was immediately started on medication to combat the destruction of his blood cells . Stay tuned for his progress.....

"Champ" returned for a progress check a few days later. He still wasn't feeling his usual happy, playful self. A recheck of his blood count showed that his levels were dangerously low. Dr. Ludwig recommended a BLOOD TRANSFUSION, which we can do right here at NCVC! The BLOOD TRANSFUSION will buy him some time while the medication takes effect. Fortunately we have two dogs on stand-by to donate blood when needed, another specialty service provided at NCVC. Keep watching for more updates!!

"Champ" is now doing SO MUCH BETTER and HAS MADE A FULL RECOVERY! He felt so wonderful he went out for a boat ride! Thanks to CRITICAL TIMING OF DIAGNOSIS, technical support of our entire team , and Chris and Reuben never giving up, CHAMP is still with us today! SO HAPPY FOR YOU CHAMP!!

"Gus" came in on emergency over the 4th of July holiday after he ate some RAT POISON! Thanks to the quick actions of his owner Lindsey, he was brought immediately in the NCVC. Dr. Ludwig jumped into action and gave him activated charcoal to absorb the poisons. We are happy to report that "Gus" is doing fine now and gained the nickname "Blackbeard" after his charcoal treatment!

"Fuzzy" ran out on the road and was hit by a car over Memorial Day weekend. Dr. Ludwig responded immediately to Lori & Bob's EMERGENCY call. "Fuzzy" was immediately stabilized and given pain medication. His open femur fracture was fixed by Dr. Riggle. To SAVE LIVES, time counts and availability for emergency makes a difference. Overnight hospital care in facilities staffed by a team of caregivers provides a healthy recovery. We are here to help you when it really counts. Skilled emergency vets, medical, and orthopedic and soft tissue surgeons are found at North Country Veterinary Clinic.


"Wiggles-3" with Larry & Janice had blood work done prior to her dental cleaning. The blood values along with panting and not able to loss weight, made her suspicious for Cushing's Disease, an endocrine disease which was further confirmed with testing. Not only will dental cleanings but managing her medical condition, will extend her quality of life. Keep on SMILING "Wiggles-3" !!!

"Lena" with Barb is now enjoying her kitty "golden years" riding around in her own tote bag much more since having her thyroidectomy surgery. Being older, "Lena" isn't able to groom herself like she used to so we gave her a comfy "lion cut" to keep her fur short and easy for her to groom.

Foreign object removal!
"Junior" came in having trouble breathing. His heart was bad but there was also a history of getting into the garbage. With a quick sedation, a pork bone was pulled out of his throat. Breathing better, he is at ease with his best buddies... the Lontcoski boys. Hurrah... and Hugs from Us!!!

"Terrapin" was found on the side of the road. Seen on emergency, he was paralyzed from the neck down. He was sent to UW-Madison Vet School for an MRI and was determined to have blockage of blood vessels in his spine and Western Medicine had no treatment but time. Dr. Ludwig; however, has integrative medicine training and just returned from Beijing China from this specialized conference. Using acupuncture, herbal medication, laser therapy, water treadmill and massage, "Terrapin" walked in 3 weeks of his return. With a bright window suite situated next to the Physical Therapy room with specialized floors and loving staff to care for Terrapin, he made tremendous improvements and jumped up on all fours Saturday morning. "Woody" was elated to walk him out to the car. Deb and Woody can't stop smiling. He is Home!!!

Greyhound Resort Guests
Jim and Sally with "Comet, Wrigley and Horn". The family of retired racing greyhounds loves to stretch their legs at the 4Paws Pet Resort. The play yards are large and accommodations plush.

"Lacey" came to us after her family moved to Northern Wisconsin with her recently. She has had severe weakness of her hind legs requiring extensive assistance from her very dedicated owners. She has received WATER TREADMILL THERAPY, combined with ACUPUNCTURE AND LASER TREATMENTS, to help improve mobility as well as control discomfort. She has a special harness that she wears to provide comfort for both Lacey and her owners when helping her walk. Here's a great picture showing her during one of her ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENTS. She often even falls asleep she's so relaxed!

Stick in her EYE!!!
"Kiahna" impaled her eye socket with a 1/2" diameter stick. Immediate EMERGENCY response helped SAVE her eye with complete VISION and eye intact! Sara and Al can breathe a sigh of relief! WE GOTCHA COVERED!

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