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End of Life Care

At North Country Veterinary Clinic, we are here for you and your beloved companion through the transitions in life, especially when the end may be near. We provide advanced diagnostics, blood work and surgery to increase survival, but when it is time so say goodbye or provide hospice care, we are here for you.

Our desire is to help the family make the decisions necessary by providing the medical supervision while maintaining comfort and quality of life for a terminally ill or geriatric pet. We will continue to provide support for you and your pet until natural death occurs or until the family elects euthanasia.

Our veterinarians and care team will explain what to expect in the last few weeks, days or hours in order for you to make the best informed decisions for your pet and your family. Although we cannot predict the length or time, we use our medical knowledge to help make those decisions necessary for your pet's comfort and well being. We assist in your implementing a plan that respects your family's wishes and meets your pet's needs.

We offer humane euthanasia that is an oversedation of a drug. The drug is delivered through an IV catheter into the vein. It is painless and the pet relaxes before falling asleep within 1-2 minutes. This provides a very quiet and gently passing for your pet.

North Country Veterinary Clinic provides:

  • Hospice care-care when we know there is no cure, but a focus on comfort and quality of life including
  • pain management, subcutaneous fluids, management of incontinence and alternative treatments
  • Individualized End of Life planning
  • Private rooms separate from exam rooms
  • On-site crematorium for both Private (ashes are returned to you), or Group (ashes are not returned).
  • Memory momentos such as a Paw Print, or Hair clipping
  • Urns with many personalized engraving options

Our compassionate care team is here to help guide you through all of the decisions and choices necessary. We want you to have closure knowing you have made the best decisions for your beloved pet and your family.

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