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4 Paws Pet Resort Day Camp & Therapy Center

4 paws pet resort

PLAY for the DAY or have an EXTENDED STAY!!

Our 4Paws Pet Resort Customer Care Specialists and Veterinary Team WELCOME you! Pre-booked stays required. Pick up and drop off times: during normal business hours of the clinic, or as scheduled ahead of time outside of business hours 7-8am, 1-2 pm, and 7-8pm.  For change of plans, contact our clinic during normal business hours or after hours at Park Falls-715-339-6777 or              Phillips  715-339-6777.

Please bring: Pet's MEDICATIONS, TREATS AND BEDDING  if desired - remember some CHEW TOYS and FOOD or we provide a transitional diet for $3/day/pet.  CAT LITTER for the feline guests is also recommended.
(we have stainless steel food dishes).  Medication administration is $2/day.

Resort & Day Camp

  • Fabulously clean, fresh, and Comfortable
  • Sun-lit Suites
  • Playtime & Socialization
  • Cat Trees / Condos
  • Window Views
  • Large Outdoor Play Yards
  • Veterinarian Supervised

Resort & Day Camp

See below for pricing & some house rules...

chelsea and mabel



zipporah and luna

Pricing - Dogs (PRICING IS PER DAY ie:  Saturday/Sunday= 2 DAYS) 24 HOURS OR LESS IS BILLED AS 1 DAY


Deluxe Single Suites

  • Deluxe Suite $26 with overhead or window across from suite/ 2 dogs $38/3 dogs $42 per day
  • Cabin Theme $26 / 2 dogs $38/ 3 dogs $42 per day
  • View Suite w/window $30 / 2 dogs $40/ 3 dogs $44 per day
  • Only $14.50 additional when picked up prior to 10:30am vs. full day charge. (After 10:30 am becomes a full day charge)

Large Themed Suites* (Park Falls location only)

  • $40 Single/Double or $45 Triple
  • Meadow, Mountain View, Garden, Rainforest (gives your pet something interesting to look at)

Family Suite*(Park Falls location only)

  • Spacious room with large picture windows.
  • Great for multi-pet families $13.50/pet for 4 or more / $54 minimum charge per day

Pricing - Day Camp*

  • Half-day (4 hours) $14.50
  • Full day (>=8 hours) $29
  • Each hour beyond 4 hours $3
  • Ask about multi-dog packages


  • Stay 10 nights get 10th night 1/2 off
  • Long weekend packages available with baths. (Must be scheduled in advance)

Pricing - Cat Suites (PRICING IS PER DAY ie: Saturday/Sunday= 2 DAYS) 24 HOURS OR LESS IS BILLED AS 1 DAY

  • $26 Single or $38 Double, contact for more cats/suites
  • Private play suite, cat trees, window ledges, large windows overlooking gardens or the woods

Stays Include

  • Indoor & outdoor playtime 3 times a day
  • Socialization
  • Our dishes

Custom Services Available upon request

  • Long walks and extra cuddle and play time
  • Pick up/Drop offs outside of standard drop offs require additional coordination and an extra fee of $25
  • Grooming or baths (As available.  Recommend booking services in advance)
  • Veterinary Services - vaccinations, nail trims, fecals, dentals, laser therapy (must be dropped off of staying during normal business hours)
  • Water Treadmill exercise packages and arthritic laser therapy options

Vaccine/Health Requirements - Dogs

  • DISTEMPER/PARVO, RABIES,  BORDETELLA (kennel cough)  and FECAL (current negative status within past year.  ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR FECAL THAT ARE DONE WHILE IN RESORT).

Vaccine/Health Requirements - Cats


* Subject to change without notice.

window suite

outdoor pf

overhead window
                Covered outdoor area                                                       Overhead Window Suite                                                             Window Suite

                                                         Heated tile floors for the colder months and air conditioning for the warmer months!

                                                                                                                   Bright, clean and airy sunlit suites!

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