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  • February is National Pet Dental Health Month
    FEBRUARY IS PET DENTAL HEALTH MONTH!Dental care for our pets is as important as it is for us to stay healthy. Dental care is often overlooked for our pets until Read more
  • GDV (Bloat)
    "Roenik" came in on emergency late one evening when his very attentive family realized he was extremely ill.  He had rapid breathing and vomiting along with a very tense abdomen. Read more
  • Cold weather tips!
    Extreme cold temperatures are upon us and look like they are here to stay for a bit.  Keep your pets safe and healthy during the cold winter months!  Follow the Read more
    NCVC is excited to now offer TELEMEDICINE VISITS while we continue to follow social distancing guidelines!  What does this mean you ask? While we will continue to offer curbside appointments, you now Read more
  • Feeding your diabetic dog
    Did you know dogs and cats can have diabetes?  We work closely with owners to give their diabetic pets the best chance at a healthy, long life!  Click the link Read more